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Find your hidden skills.

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What are
Hidden Skills?

Every day we face new situations that require us to recognize, understand, improvise and adapt.

These experiences train diverse skills that help us navigate new challenges and unexpected situations.

For example adaptive communication, critical decision making and creative problem solving.

We are often unaware of
these skills - yet many employers value
them as highly as technical skills. 

Redefine your skills portfolio -
bring your hidden skills to light.  

Björn Nyström, Sweden

Polar housing and frozen pipes helped me gain experience with problem-solving skills, such as solutions-oriented thinking."

Anna Storgårds, Finland

"International teaching helped me gain experience in interpersonal relationship skills, such as empathy and perspective-taking."

Elias Faltin, Germany

Conference presentation helped me gain more experience with communications skills, such as public speaking.”

Three steps to insight...

The SkillMill reflection journey takes us through three steps:

1. IDENTIFY learning experiences where we needed to improvise, adapt or overcome new and unfamiliar situations.

2. UNDERSTAND our own behaviour in these situations, and match these with skills from leading international frameworks.

3. EXPRESS our increased familiarity with these skills by reframing relevant learning situations into training experiences. 

SkillMill Reflection Journey

Explore Erasmus+ SkillMill

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